Dear Teachers,

Thank you for choosing Tallebudgera Beach School for your school camping experience. The information that you complete below will aid the planning and selection of your school to become part of the Tallebudgera Beach School tradition.

Expressions of interest for placement in our camping program will be made as per the criteria in the table below.

Combined School¬†Hero’s Journey¬†Camp: Booking Allocation Criteria

Priority Booking Criteria
1. Preference given to Year 6 students (our traditional client group)
2. Preference given to Monday to Friday – 4 Night Camp requests
3. Preference given to schools that have submitted an expression of interest for the following year by the end of August
4. Preference given to groups or clusters of schools that approximate our accommodation maximum allocation (eg. clusters of schools or western and remote schools)
5. Individual group / school size that in combination approximate our accommodation maximum allocation


Tallebudgera Beach School is intent upon maximising the camp and activity learning experiences. We are interested in working with attending schools to extend the learning experiences of camp with appropriate lead up and follow up activities.

Priority will be given to schools that are committed to working with the Beach School to enhance student learning.

Within the following electronic booking form, please give details on how the Tallebudgera Beach School camping program will accentuate your school’s learning outcomes. If you do not wish to use the electronic booking form please download this PDF Document PDF Booking Form, fill it out and fax page 2 back to Tallebudgera Beach School (5520 9325).


Tallebudgera Beach School Residential Camp Booking Form

School Name

Coordinator’s Name

School Phone Number School Fax Number

School Email

School Postal Address

Student Numbers Year Level

Accompanying Schools

Please number your preferences for duration of camp. Eg: 1 and / or 2
(If you only indicate one preference, then you will not be considered for the other)

4 Nights (Monday – Friday) or 3 Nights (Student free or public holiday week only)

Please indicate the time of year you would like to attend camp by term / month of the year.
Term Month Year

When did your school last attend Tallebudgera Beach School?
Term Month Year

Extra information

Please detail the learning experiences at Tallebudgera Beach School that will compliment
your school program and learning outcomes.